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Ziptrak® blinds can only be sold through authorised dealers who are carefully chosen for their integrity and quality workmanship to ensure customer satisfaction.


Q1: What are the maximum dimensions for Ziptrak® blinds?

A: The recommended maximum for Ziptrak® blinds are: 4500mm wide by 3000mm high, or 4000mm wide by 3500mm high. An experienced installer can decide whether to exceed these measurement considering wind rate, skin material, operators, structure strength, etc. Smaller Ziptrak® blinds will look neater, and will be easier to operate.

Q2: Is it possible to install Ziptrak® blinds if the opening is more than 4500mm?

A: Under certain conditions width can be extended to 5000mm.  However we recommend that you divide the opening using either a fixed or removable post. The removable post offered by Ziptrak®, once removed, will not protrude into the opening more than the Ziptrak® blinds.

Q3: Can Ziptrak® blinds be operated using a crank handle?

A: Ziptrak® blinds are designed with spring loading, which makes their operation simpler and easier than using a crank handle. Therefore, we do not recommend having Ziptrak® blinds operated with a crank handle.

Q4: Is there a pelmet for Ziptrak® blinds?

A: Yes. Ziptrak® offers a fully enclosed pelmet; the Ziptrak® pelmet is made out of cast aluminium pelmet end plates, and the cover is made out of Colorbond sheet metal which can be ordered from a sheet metal fabricator in your area (drawings available). Roll-over pelmets can be used for Ziptrak® blinds as well, however, it will protect the roll from the top and front only.

Q5: Can I have motorised Ziptrak® blinds?

A: Only Ziptrak® blinds with a solar screen, or woven material skin can be motorised, using 240V/AC tubular motor with obstacle detection feature. Strong wind can hold the skin of a Ziptrak® blind preventing it from sliding down the tracks, therefore, we recommend that motorised Ziptrak® blinds will be supervised by the operator while they are moving.

Q6: Why is it not recommended to motorise Ziptrak® blinds with clear or tinted PVC skin?

A: Flexible PVC used as skin for Ziptrak® blinds becomes stiff in cold weather, this stiffness make it difficult to slide down the Ziptrak® tracks because it tries to maintain its roll-up shape in the the top keyway tube. The PVC stiffness is not a problem with manually operated Ziptrak® blinds, but in a motorised Ziptrak® blind, the weighted bottom rail cannot always overcome the PVC’s stiffness.

Q7: What is the recommended thickness of clear and tinted PVC for Ziptrak® blinds?

A: We recommend to use 0.75mm thick clear or tinted PVC for Ziptrak® blinds. 1mm thick PVC can be used too, however, there is no advantage using 1mm thick PVC in our opinion, and with larger Ziptrak® blinds it can even be a disadvantage, because of the 1mm thick PVC is heavier.

Q8: What is the wind rating for Ziptrak® blinds?

A: Wind loading test on 2500mm wide by 2500mm high Ziptrak® blind with SunScreen, performed by the University of Adelaide yield the following findings:

  • When installed according to Ziptrak® installation manual, the tested Ziptrak r blind can withstand winds up to 90Km per hour. At around this wind loading the aluminium rivets fixing the Ziptrak® track to the Ziptrak® bracket channel started to shear off.
  • When installed as above, but using stainless steel rivets, the blind remained integral in winds to 160Km per hour – however bottom bar guide on one side started to bend and then broke.
  • Although, Ziptrak® blinds can withstand very strong winds, we recommend in windy conditions of 50Km per hour and more, lower your Ziptrak® blind all the way down until it is locked, or open in all the way up, midway is the most vulnerable position for your Ziptrak® blind.

Q9: Can I have my Ziptrak® blinds installed horizontally, as an overhead awning?

A: Ziptrak® blinds were designed for vertical applications however, overhead openings of 2000mm wide and less can be covered with Ziptrak® blinds using light fabrics of about 250gsm. An overhead Ziptrak® blind should either be open or closed - we do not recommend you leave it midway.

Q10: What is the warranty period of Ziptrak® blinds?

A: Ziptrak® is providing 24 months warranty on all the components of the Ziptrak® system. The warranty is given to fabricators and installers of Ziptrak® blinds who purchase the components from Ziptrak®, or an authorised Ziptrak® components distributor. The warranty will void if the fabrication and / or installation of Ziptrak® blind has not been done according to our fabrication and installation manuals. The warranty on Ziptrak® blinds installation is usually given to the end customer by the retailer / installer from whom they purchased.  The retailer / installer will determine the warranty period and conditions. Clear or tinted PVC, and the different solar fabrics are not part of the Ziptrak® system, and any  warranty on these matrials is restricted to the warrenties given by the suppliers of the material.

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