Options and Styles

Endless options to expand your outdoor area

The Ziptrak® blinds are discreet, offering superior functionality without compromising your décor. Each blind is customised to your individual needs; measured, cut and installed. With a wide variety of styles, sizes, colour options and add-ons to match or complement your existing space.


PVC or Mesh

The Ziptrak® blind system along with Mesh or PVC skins, shield you, your patio and furniture from wind, rain, glare and insects.


Option 1:

Strong and durable Sunscreen Mesh

Ziptrak® outdoor blinds are supplied with a variety of sunscreen fabrics. The weight and weave density of the mesh will influence the level of transparency and UV protection. They offer 70 - 99% protection from wind, rain and sun as well as privacy whist maintaining the view.


Option 2:

PVC for clear views

Clear PVC is a popular option for many people and businesses. With completely rain and wind proof surfaces, PVC offers clear views maintaining warmth within. Only the highest quality Japanese PVC is recommended for Ziptrak® blinds, and the PVC won't discolour.


Maximum Size

Ziptrak® blinds are custom-made to suit your requirements for a secure and seamless installation. The system can cover wide spans to reduce the need for additional vertical supports, and provide uninterrupted views.


Engineered to perfection

Max-height: 3.5 meters. Max-width: 6 meters in SunScreen Mesh, and up to 5.5 meters wide in Clear PVC. If you have a wider opening, talk to us about the inclusion of a Ziptrak® Removable Post or standard fixed post. Components are upgraded for large blinds, and even these blinds are easy to lift.



Pelmets and Brackets

Depending on your preference and the structure the system will attach to, a pelmet encloses and protects the system from weather and creatures. Highly recommended for blinds installed outside of the structure, ensuring your blinds will look great and operate effortlessly for years.


Bottom Bar Protection

A weather strip installed at the bottom of the blind provides additional protection from the elements, and prevents damagage to the surface where the blind rests. Standard and Large Weather Strips are designed to adjust to uneven surfaces while protecting from the elements and closing the gaps effectively. Both weather strips are UV resistant. Or, for acutely sloping surfaces, a custom-made skirt can be created and installed.


Colour Options



Our standard colour palette for powder-coated hardware (vertical tracks, bottom bar and pelmet) is designed to blend in with the surrounding environment, your structure and the blind fabric of your choice. Seven colours ranging from black to white including various greys, bronze and beige have been proven over the years to be the most practical and cost-effective. The same methodology applies to our mesh fabrics, with nine colours. Discuss these options with us.


Side tracks


Two options:

The side tracks (channels) can be installed with either a reveal fix or face fix approach according to the existing design of your area. Reveal (or Recess) Fix is when the track is fixed onto the interior frame or cavity surrounding your opening. Face Fix is when the channel is fixed onto the front or face side of your opening.



Pull Stick



Not tall enough?

Ziptrak® spring-balanced system allow you to easily lower or raise the blind, with a sophisticated spring that supports the weight of the blind. If it is not easy to reach the top of the blind, use the lightwight Pull Stick to slide up and down from the centre of the bar.


Motorised Blinds


A popular option

Motorised blinds can be particularly useful for larger blinds or blinds mounted in hard-to-reach locations. With the touch of a button, the blind can be lowered, operating on either household or solar power. The motor is hidden within the pelmet and looks no different to a non-motorised blind. You can stop the blind at any height, whilst the motor provides a quiet, smooth glide.

Ziptrak® recommends that only SunScreen mesh blinds are motorised, not clear PVC.



Removable Post



For openings wider than 6m

If you’re looking to cover an opening wider than 6m, the Ziptrak® removable post is the perfect solution. It can be removed in less than a minute. Split your opening into different sections, providing more options, such as a smaller opening that acts as a door to the exterior. Ask us for our recommendations on how to effectively design your openings, and customise to your needs.