Looking after your Ziptrak® Blinds: Do's and Don'ts

Ziptrak® outdoor blinds are designed to operate simply and smoothly, gliding without resistance in the vertical tracks.

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Operating in wind and rain
  • Motorised Ziptrak® blinds should always be supervised whilst in motion. Avoid operating the blind in high winds, as the motor will have difficulty moving the blind whilst wind pressure is against the material.
  • During high winds Ziptrak® blinds should be left either fully retracted onto the top tube, or fully down and locked at the bottom. During extreme weather events, Ziptrak® blinds should be fully retracted onto the top tube.
  • Blinds may have difficulty operating whilst in windy conditions, due to pressure against the blind material. Use your hand to push against the blind material to reduce this pressure and then operate the blind.
  • Avoid rolling up blinds when they are wet or have condensation on the surface. Moisture within the rolled up blind material may cause mould to form. If you need to roll up the blind due to stormy conditions, please let them down again and allow them to dry out when the weather has improved.
Keeping the bottom bar level
  • Ziptrak® outdoor blinds should always be operated from the center. This will ensure the material rolls evenly onto the top tube. If you operate from one side, over time the blind may start to retract onto the top tube unevenly. This will cause the bottom bar to not be level. You will notice that the bottom bar is not level when the blind is fully retracted and the bottom bar is stored at the top.
  • The issue is not a product malfunction or issue with installation. It occurs only due to improper operation. Please contact your installer for assistance in rectifying the issue.
Ensuring continued smooth operation
  • Ziptrak® outdoor blinds should always be smooth and simple to operate. In general, they do not require maintenance for smooth action. However, in dusty environments sometimes you may wish to add lubricant to assist in the continued smooth track-guided operation of the blind. You must use a silicone spray such as Den Braven. (Do not use any oil based lubricants such as WD40 or Q20, as they will damage the spline tape and clog the dust inside the track.) To apply, lower the blind all the way to the ground, and apply the silicone spray in the groove between the spline tape and the track. Lubricate the entire height of the track, from top to bottom, taking about 10 seconds. Only a small amount of spray is required. Spray both the left and right tracks, on only one side of the blind. Open and close the blind several times after application in order to spread the silicone evenly within the track. If the blind continues  to be difficult to operate for no obvious reason, please contact your installer.
Cleaning your Ziptrak® blinds
  • Keeping the Sunscreen mesh or PVC clean is an important part of maintenance to the blind.
  • Clean the blind with a soft cloth and soapy cold water or Swiftee. Swiftee® is a powerful and unique concentrated formula that makes cleaning both SunScreen Mesh and Clear PVC blinds easy! Its quick and simple to achieve a sparkling finish that leave your blinds looking like new. Allow to dry before rolling up.
  • PVC will show marks more readily than fabric, so ensure you are treating the surface with care. Be careful to avoid scratching the PVC material.
  • Ideally, PVC blinds should be dried with a cloth for the best cleaning results.
  • Never apply full strength detergents, cleaning fluids, soaps, insecticides or garden sprays to the blind material.
  • Never use bore-hole water to clean the material, or allow bore water sprinkler systems to hit the blind.
  • Never allow petrochemicals or solvents to touch the blind surface.
  • Do not use a high pressure hose to clean the blind.
  • Do not use window cleaning detergents to clean the blind.
  • Do not allow bird droppings, dirt or stains to remain on the material.
Spare Parts
  • Ziptrak® blinds should last for many years without issue or replacement of parts. If a part of your blind breaks, please contact your installer. Alternatively, please contact us.